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BSLab-SYDIC Workshop - Rome 2017

Conference Description

Today, the effective governance of any organisation - be it a government, a firm, a state-owned entity, or a charity - needs to be based on resilience, transparency, accountability, evidence of effectiveness. This need is stimulated by the all-encompassing public scrutiny of organisations, a trend that is continuously growing due to the advances in IT. This process has been described in terms of the emergence of technologies and practices of calculation in the context of governance. A common problem is that organisations frequently approach governance as a process of conforming strictly with rules and regulations instead of considering governance from a wider systemic perspective. In this workshop we call for both practical and theoretical research proposals for a better modeling of organizational systems as well of examples of successful application of model-based governance to any kind of organizational system.

The workshop is an event in which researchers work intensively on a topic. Its mark is cooperation and the moderation of conversations towards a goal. The workshop aims to support participants to develop their research proposals to a further stage through discussion in roundtables and panels under the tutorage of the chairs. We expect to receive from participants contributions for discussions with the support of experienced tutors. These discussions will take place after the presentations of their contributions.

The submission of research proposals can cover various  methodologies for model-based governance such as: System Dynamics, Agency theory , Soft Systems Methodology, Viable Systems Model, Living Systems Theory, Complex Adaptive Systems Theory, Organizational cybernetics as well as other systemic methodologies; and/or be applied to various fields, among which:  Market systems, Financial systems, Organizational systems, Organizational and Business Ecosystems, Information and Communication Technology for organizations, Smart cities, Energy policy, Political governance; Interactions Governance; Knowledge Management; Stakeholders Management.

For researchers who cannot attend the panels and roundtables, but want to show their research to a qualified audience, there will be a Poster session where summaries of their research proposals in the form of posters, will be showed to participants.

The language of the Workshop is English.

The workshop will begin on Monday January 23 at 13:00 pm and end on Tuesday 24 at 18,30.

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  • January 23, 2017 – January 24, 2017



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BSLab-SYDIC Workshop - Rome 2017